This series was created inside the GAM Palermo (Gallery of Modern Art in Palermo, Italy)

The idea to produce this series was born from a personal analysis of the technique of portraiture, a research that began during an exercise done in university, in which a person had to be portrayed for 60 minutes, there were no others rules, it only had to take one hour. I remember that I remained silent as I decided not to have any type of contact with the subject, besides that look through the lens.
While photographing the statues I once again felt under examination. My eyes were tired, so much desire to reach the aesthetical apex made me impotent in front of the statue.
The relationship with the subject was inevitably nonexistent. It is silent, it does not move, I only condition the point of view and the light. A light that produces a strong expressive position, a harmony – set inside the statue by the hand of its sculptor – that is one hundred years old, but that is constantly regenerated as a result of a creative intent, building a vision, an instant reproduced in a nearly univocal way that generates multiple reflections. It is like going back in time: same feelings, same questions, same worries; however the position is reversed and the silence remains unchanged. There are no pretensions, no colors that sweeten the expressions and no states of mind that can be misunderstood. A silence full of value, not the result of incommunicability, but that silence that only exists with a beloved person, when there are no doubts or fears.

Recent Portfolios

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