Non Subject

Lewis Baltz talked about “sub-architecture”; here I believe it can be translated as the phenomenon that sculpts society and from which the community is shaped to become what we perceive.

The process has always been the most important thing to me, in this case walking in Philadelphia from location A to location B to cover my assignment. The process of getting somewhere is a constant journey we embark upon every day and, in the end, it is what we make of the events that life puts us through during that process.
I took these photographs in different neighborhoods of Philadelphia, and in each one of them, the “Non-Subject” created a condition that influenced me to frame that moment and eventually select that image. I later asked myself if that was the right way to portray it and how a specific constructed environment was able to communicate the structure and systems of any given community.
I believe it does it through beauty. Beauty is not a matter of objective explanation, it is personal to the community, as each one has its own characteristics and features. This beauty is what the urban landscape is about.

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