The bells which toll for mankind are —most of them, anyway—like the bells of Alpine cattle; they are attached to our own necks, and it must be our fault if they do not make a cheerful and harmonious sound. (cit. Peter Medawar from The Future of Man, 1959)

A park in the mountain near Barcelona, displays a sign that says “Controlled Hunting”. Hunting for what? Hunting to restore a balance for the future. A future where once again mother nature reestablishes her own equilibrium.
The near total absence of people is the obvious solution to restore a balance between nature and man. But it equally results in a total utopia, where however the human presence is inevitable. 
In the evolutionary events the relationship between human and environment has always been favorable to human beings, seeing that the environment cannot produce a genetic imprint on organisms.
In an anthropocentric system, we create and we destroy, we have no limits – aside from economic – performing actions that have severe repercussions on the world, leaving indelible signs on our planet and limiting the future of our next generations. Some infections are dangerous for our body, not because our antibodies can’t defend us but because their defense is the disease itself – the remedy is the infection.
Cause and solution, remedy and motivation, man becomes its own hunter, the man is prey and predator within the same environment. The achieving of an environmental and ecological conscience that puts any need or love on the back burner. 

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