Along Palermo

My city is an invisible city. A city where chaos reigns, where disorder and disrespect are accepted, in which the rules are not followed, in which a hand washes the other and it’s all ok. I lived in an infernal city, where the majority of the people accept the hell that they live in, up to the point of not seeing it anymore. After a long time, I went back to my hometown. Almost every day I was walking the same streets and seeing the same places. I have photographed Palermo for years, I have tried to immortalize its every facet and capture it in a more aesthetical representation. I have fought in time to find an ideal language to talk about this city, with its beauties and its immense problems, but I discovered that the only way was to just take photographs of it.

Salve, Palermo,
madre di misericordia,
vita, dolcezza e speranza nostra,

A Te,
ricorriamo esuli figli tuoi;
a Te sospiriamo, gementi e piangenti,
in questa valle di lacrime.

Orsù dunque,
avvocata nostra,
rivolgi a noi gli occhi tuoi

E mostraci,
dopo questo esilio,
il cammino,
attraverso il frutto benedetto del tuo seno.

O spietata,
o pia,
o dolce depravata

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