Crezi Food Stories

Palermo, Italy


Fondazione Telecom - C.L.A.C.



I was 13 years old when I saw for the first time a craftsman work glass. I wasn’t very interested in the process or in the beauty of the movement of the glass when still burning. I was interested in the freedom of the craftsman to create something from his mind or something he wanted, I was interested in the tangibility of his free will. The creation of a concept, of an idea and of a unique piece, not repeatable, unchangeable. Some of these objects are jealously guarded in time, others are of daily use and acquire their real form and function once in the hands of who uses them. Palermo is a small town of this earth that leans out on the sea. A sea of food, of traditions and of customs. A sea of histories and people. The pulsing heart of this city. That change her, that attack her furiously, that act, that live inside workshops producing ideas. Laboratories and shops that are the neuralgic center of the constructive process. Everything happens around there, there are no limits, the heart and mind of the craftsman join privately to find a new beginning that offers the opportunity to learn from his own mistakes, to overcome his own limits and to be successful. The craftsman contrives discussion, generates a constructive criticism, creates a union, therefore creates art. An art once much more appreciated, in that time in which craftsmen were seen as knights. And because art improves its creative techniques through time, today every craftsman forges new know-how in his own city.

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