Exhibition of the “Passenger” series at Quarto Tempo, Palermo.

Hired by Booking.com 

Hired by Kodakit


Assistant of Jens van Zoest , (Germany).

Publication of “Let Our People Grow” on the magazine Dodho and included in one of the most popular photographers of August 2016.

Exhibition of the “Passenger” series at the Photocopy Club, Poland.

NADD Underwater Photo Instructor

Publication of the “Let Our People Grow” series in number 217 of Cañamo magazine.


Exhibition of the “Let Our People Grow” series at the Art Gallery H2O, Barcelona.

Exhibition of the “I ART” photos at the Ex Real Fonderia, Palermo.

Exhibition of the “Crezi Food Stories’s Portraits” at the Gallery of Modern Art, Palermo.

The portraits of the series “Lives on Hold” were selected among the 15 finalist of the Cortona on the Move OFF.

Exhibition of the “Passenger” series at the Pati Llimona, Barcelona.

Permanent exhibition of the photos of FAB10 BCN  at the Ateneus de Fabricació Les Cortes, Barcelona (Spain).


Assistant of Josep Molinas, (Spain).

Studio manager and assistant of Jordi Bernadó, (Spain).

Exhibition of “Let Our People Grow”, at “La María Gracia Club”, Barcelona (Spain).


Studio manager and assistant of Jordi Bernadó, (Spain).

Master’s degree in Photography and Design (Spain).

Worked for Piel de foto (Spain).

Exhibition of: “Sostegno Umano” and “Check Back“, at the gallery Fundacion Vila Casas Espai Volart, Barcelona (Spain).linkpictures

Collective pubblication in May on Yorokobu Magazine.

Colelctive work for Instagraphix.

Collective exposition called “Fragments” in Arles (FR).

Exhibition of “Let Our People Grow”, at the Mitte Gallery,Barcelona (Spain).

Exhibition of “Let Our People Grow”, at Las Arenas, Barcelona (Spain). link


Graduated in Marine Biology (Italy).


Photographer for the agency Il Gruppo Digitale (Italy).

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