“Along Palermo”, ACINQUE – Un archivio d’immagini e parole per la Sicilia, Palermo.
BUT“, Cip Festival, Chania.
“Along Palermo”, Demanio Sud Est, Palermo. 
“Passenger”, Quarto Tempo, Palermo.
“Passenger”, Photocopy Club, Lodz.  
“Let Our People Grow”, H2O Art Gallery, Barcelona.
“Lives on Hold” was selected amongst the 15 finalists of the Cortona on the Move OFF. 
“I ART”, e Ex-Real Fonderia, Palermo.
“Crezi Food Stories’s Portraits”, Gallery of Modern Art, Palermo. 
“Passenger”, Pati Llimona, Barcelona. 
“FAB10 BCN”, Ateneus de Fabricació Les Cortes, Barcelona.
“Let Our People Grow”, “La María Gracia Club”, Barcelona.
“Sostegno Umano”, Fundación Vila Casas Espai Volart, Barcelona. 
“Check Back“, Fundación Vila Casas Espai Volart, Barcelona. 
“Fragments”, streets of Arles (FR).
“Let Our People Grow”, Mitte Gallery, Barcelona. 
“Let Our People Grow”, Las Arenas, Barcelona.
“Let Our People Grow” on the magazine Dodho (most popular photographers of August).
“Let Our People Grow” series on the number 217 of Cañamo magazine.

“The circulation of the images allows us to analyze the social and aesthetic change of the world. But photography is not born as an objective form to perceive what surrounds us. It is a subjective run of looks, of interpretation, of knowledge and also of pretense. It is a path that encourages us to interact with life and with the potential to create images or concepts.”

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